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Thank you for choosing The Auditorium Ballroom for your upcoming event. Our team is committed to providing, or assisting in providing, all the professional services required to make your event an absolute success. Certain guidelines, procedures and policies will help ensure your requests and our requirements are understood. Policies can change at any time, please review the following terms and conditions and contact the Venue Director (Mike Bird) with any questions. Acknowledgement that you have received, read, understood and agreed to these terms, conditions and policies is required when renting any space at The Auditorium Ballroom. 

SCHEDULING EVENTS: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking and signing of your contract to secure the space on your desired date at the agreed upon time. Your remaining balance is due no more than 60 days after booking date (remaining alcohol package balance due no later then 30 days before event and based on final guest count).

P A YMENT TERMS: Both the non-refundable deposit and balance shall be paid in cash; a check made out to “The Auditorium Ballroom” or with a MasterCard, Visa and/or Discover card.

INCIDENTAL CHARGES: Client is responsible for all guests in attendance at the event. Any damage to the property or grounds, or incidents that require excessive clean up after the event may result in charges being billed to the financially responsible party.

RENT AL TIME FRAMES AND RESTRICTIONS: The time frames and limits outlined in both the informational packet and the contract for rental space and bar time shall be followed. Failure to adhere to these limits (arriving earlier or staying later than contracted time without prior approval by The Auditorium Ballroom will result in additional charges. Additional hours outside of the standard rental time must be arranged and paid for in advance of the event. Requesting additional event hours after the event has started is at the discretion of The Auditorium Ballroom and is subject to premium pricing.

GUEST COUNT: Client agrees to inform both the caterer and the Venue Coordinator at The Auditorium Ballroom, in writing or by phone, of the final guest count 30 days prior to the event. All changes related to the services listed in the contract must be made no later than this date. After confirmation, the number of guests may not be lowered. Should no final guest count be given, the previous number expected will be used unless there is an increase in guests that actually attend the event.


TIME SCHEDULE: Client agrees to begin the event promptly at the scheduled guest arrival time listed on the event contract and to vacate the facility at the indicated guest departure time. The client further  agrees to pay overtime charges or other expenses incurred if the event continues past the indicated guest departure time. (This charge will be significantly higher than the prior agreed upon “Additional Hours” charge described in the contract.) Events are granted 8am the morning of the rental date for preparations and 60 minutes after rental time for clean up and tear down. Arriving earlier than 8am the day of or staying more than the rental time may result in additional charges incurred. Unless indicated in event layout Specification.....

If a cancellation is to occur, the following terms and conditions shall apply:

- The agreed-upon event cost at time of booking and signing of contract is non- refundable in any circumstance.
- If the cancellation is within 1 Year of the event date, all monies paid to date are non-refundable, and the full payment of the room rental and associated taxes and fees is required.
- Deposit is transferable if client desires to reschedule event date at least six months prior to original event date and based on availability. Rescheduled event date must be within one calendar year of the original event date. Transfers only permitted to the same space(s) & originally party booked.
-If Date becomes unavailable for any unforeseen reason, only a reschedule will be available with no refund


- Alcohol Price will change and are based on market value No Packaging pricing is


- The Auditorium Ballroom reserves the right to request valid picture identification for service of alcohol to any guest.
- In accordance with State law, there will be zero tolerance for minors consuming alcohol. Minors are the responsibility of the client signing the event contract.

- The Auditorium Ballroom reserves the right to not allow an intoxicated person to leave the premises until a safe mode of transportation has been arranged and confirmed.
- All caterers must be licensed by the State and approved in advance by the Venue Director and/or Venue Owner.

- Catered food may be carried out with a signed waiver from the event caterer.


IMPOSSIBILITY: The Auditorium Ballroom shall not be held liable or responsible for failure to carry out an event due to weather, fire, electrical failure or any uncontrollable act of God. The client will be held responsible for any and all fees that they were originally contracted to. In such case The Auditorium Ballroom will make every effort to reschedule the event and utilize all original payments made and credit them toward the rescheduled date.


SPECIAL NEEDS: Please inform The Auditorium Ballroom team as to any special needs that may be required during the event so that the staff can accommodate any logistics associated with those needs.


SMOKING: The Auditorium Ballroom is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas on the grounds.


PARKING: Vehicles of the client, guests and vendors are to drive and park on the public parking lot at 2nd & Wright Street only. There is to be no driving or parking on the lawn or landscaping. Excessive damage to the grounds and landscaping due to vehicle misuse during an event will be considered an incurred charge to the client.


FACILITY GROUNDS: All guests are to remain on the grounds of The Auditorium Ballroom at all times. Surrounding area are private property, and any individual found on private property will be asked to leave immediately. This includes
photographs. Local law enforcement will be called upon in circumstances of noncompliance. All children should be supervised while inside and outside of the facility. No children will be allowed to play outside without adult supervision.



- Guests are expected to remove papers, decorations and other materials immediately following the event. The Auditorium Ballroom shall not be held responsible for items left behind.
- All decorations must be approved prior to set up.

- Open flame candles are prohibited unless approved by The Auditorium Ballroom
- Use of nails, staples, carpet tape, masking tape and any other adhesive, as well as confetti, glitter, or any similar material is prohibited unless approved by The Auditorium Ballroom
- Bubbles are only permitted outdoors.
- Flower petals: only real flower petals permitted outdoors; only artificial petals permitted indoors.
- Nothing may be affixed to walls or ceilings unless approved by The Auditorium Ballroom
- Client agrees to be responsible for any damage done to equipment or facility during the event, including damage or excessive clean up made necessary by florists, decorators or outside agencies during set-up and teardown.
- Fireworks permitted outside insofar as any required permitting and approval has been procured by the appropriate local and state authorities; approval must be provided to The Auditorium Ballroom.
- Sparklers are permitted for exit ceremonies on the pavement and cement and may not be used over grass and/or landscaping.
- Lanterns, including “Chinese Lanterns,” are not permitted per State law.

- Bringing, hanging or using lights is prohibited. String lights may be rented and will be hung by The Auditorium Ballroom staff only.
- Any outdoor signage or decoration on the grounds must be arranged with and approved by the Venue Director in advance.

- Absolutely no food is to be cooked at the outdoor fire pits, outdoor fireplace or indoor fireplaces. S’mores bars only permitted through a licensed caterer.
- Live animals, including domestic pets, may not be brought on the grounds or property without prior consent of The Auditorium Ballroom Venue Director, Owner or Coordinator. Bringing an animal onto the property without consent may result in additional incurred charges.


DELIVERIES AND RECEIVING: All deliveries and pickups must be arranged with and approved by the Venue Director to ensure that other events are not disturbed.


TOURS: The Auditorium Ballroom reserves the right to conduct meetings and tours during the hours of preparation leading up to an event. Tours and meetings will not be scheduled within an hour of the start of the event or ceremony.


MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT: Entertainment and music arrangements must be approved by The Auditorium Ballroom. All music and noise levels during the event must be maintained at reasonable levels to be respectful of our neighbors.


VENDORS: The Auditorium Ballroom reserves the right to request contact information of all outside vendors associated with an event and to allow or not allow any vendor access to the property and/or grounds.


PHOTOGRAPHY RELEASE POLICY: The Auditorium Ballroom reserves the right to take photographs of any individual or group on the property during any and all events. These photographs may be used for any lawful purpose including, but not limited to, promotional and marketing materials, social media posts, and website content. These photographs will become property of The Auditorium Ballroom.

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